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The Whisper to Debut at Aftermath

By: Mitchell Frantz

Mysterious. Haunting. Creepy.

These are just a few words that can describe The Whisper, who is going to be debuting at PPW Aftermath on May 18th at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton. The one word that he is above all else, however, is dangerous.

The Whisper is a CHIKARA Wrestling Factory graduate who has been deploying psychological warfare on his opponents that is match by very few others on the independent scene. He seems to almost slither around the ring and has an extremely haunting mask that would scare the majority of people on the planet. Combine that with some intimidating tattoos and The Whisper will immediately become one of the most feared presences in the entire locker room as soon as he enters.

Tickets to see The Whisper in action, as well as former WWE stars MVP and 2 Cold Scorpio, as well as AEW’s Nyla Rose and all of your favorite PPW stars at PPW Aftermath on May 18th are available now at Get yours today!


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