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  • Richard Holliday
  • Richard Holliday

Richard Holliday got a great start to his PPW start in 2018 by debuting successfully defeating 2017 ECWA Super 8 winner and current PPW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr only a few weeks after winning the 2018 Super 8 himself. Holliday seems to have knack for picking up wins in big matches, as he also owns a pinfall victory over Brian Pillman Jr.

Holliday is making a name for himself around the professional wrestling world which naturally leads to a stop in Hazleton. Holliday has said that his ultimate end goal is make "the consumers of PPW" have a "marketable champion" in the future.

Only time will tell if Holliday will succeed on his promise, but the smart money is betting on the powerhouse to get the consumers buzzing.