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PPW Storm Front

December 20, 2014 | Holy Family Academy | Hazleton, PA


A future championship opportunity was up for grabs in the first ever Storm Front Rumble. The over-the-top-rope battle royal featured everybody from former PPW Heavyweight Champion Tommy Suede to commentator Paul Bo and Freddy Clause, who was dressed like Santa. The contest was won by South Philly's Finest member Luca Brazzi.

Elsewhere on the show, Shawn Andrews dressed in drag and wrestled as Shawana Andrews and defeated Sammi Pandora.

Travis Dorian also defeat The British Wolf in a PPW TV Championship matchup.

Complete results of the show can be found below.


Singles Match

Shawana Andrews (Shawn Andrews) defeated Sammi Pandora

PPW Television Championship Match

Travis Dorian defeated The British Wolf​ to retain the PPW Heavyweight Championship


Tag Team Match

The Juicy Product (David Starr & JT Dunn) (w/ Kimber Lee) defeated The A-Team (Aaron Arbo & Andy Harner)​


PPW Heavyweight Championship Match

Lance Anoai defeated Ricky Martinez to retain the PPW Heavyweight Championship

Storm Front Rumble Match

Luca Brazzi defeated Aaron Arbo, Acid Zero, Afa Jr., Andy Harner, Axel Lennox, Blaze Daniels, Clay Drasher, Draven Blaze, Freddy Clause, HarZan, IB Green, Jimmy Konway, Kage, Kekoa, Michael Cammarelli, Paul Bo, Sean Carr, Shawn Andrews, Shogun Machette, The British Wolf, TJ Masters, Tommy Suede and Travis Dorian

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