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New York | 210 lbs

  • Sukhvinder
  • Sukhvinder

Sukhvinder is a member of Joe Davis's SINS stable.

The grappler adds a ton of legitimacy to the group. The New Yorker is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and has 2 decades of experience on the mat and in the cage before making the transition to the squared circle. Sukhvinder was also a collegiate wrestler and a Greco-Roman wrestler as well.

The tattooed powerhouse has helped establish SINS as a force to be reckon with so far. The stable has caused plenty of interferences in championship matches, and the purple belted-Sukhvinder plays a large role in that.

Able to tie any opponent into a knot in mere seconds, Sukhvinder is not here to play any games. He cares more about beating opponent's faces in and winning gold. While he currently has no championships to his name, his background combined with Joe Davis's managerial skills have put the explosive competitor on the fast track to a championship.

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