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Tarzan Duran

Jungles of Jersey | 197 Stone

  • Tarzan Duran
  • Tarzan Duran
  • Sukhvinder

He's high flying! He's hard hitting! He's "Wildlife" Tarzan Duran!

Swinging out of the jungles of New Jersey, Duran embraces nature in a way few other before or after him have ever before. When he is not in a wrestling ring, you can see "Wildlife" playing with snakes, climbing trees or hunting with his bare hands. With such physically intensively activities, it is no wonder why the nature-loving Duran is in such incredible shape.

Do not be mistaken to think that the Jungles of Jersey native is a slacker in the ring; he is quite the opposite actually. His stiff chops and jaw dropping aerial assaults are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is hard to tell what the free spirit's intentions are in PPW, but something tell us that he will be swinging and climbing into championship contention before we know it.

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