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Thunder Road

May 12th, 2024 | Slatington Expo Center | Slatington, PA


On Mother's Day 2024, PPW held a special 3 o'clock Sunday event at the Slatington Expo Center! The matinee was filled with top tier talent on the independent scene, including PPW Heavyweight Champion Facade, Dani Mo, PPW Women's Champion Sammi Chaos, MLW star Griffin McCoy and more in action!

The main event featured the aforementioned 4 competitors above in a mixed tag team match, as Facade and Dani Mo, collectively known as the Neon Blondes, took down the formidable duo of Griffin McCoy and Sammi Chaos.


Elsewhere on the card, Rembrandt, Nolan Pierce and South Philly's Finest all retained their championships, Diego Hill defeated GKM in a show-stealing contest and Dio Bando continued his ascent up the top of the card with a victory over Jason Hendrix.

Complete results of the show can be found below.


PPW No Limits Championship Match

Rembrandt defeated Mark Alexander (with Nolan Pierce) to retain the new PPW No Limits Championship

Women's Match

Journey Burke, Esq. defeated Simone Valentina

Singles Match

Dio Bando defeated Jason Hendrix

6-Man Tag Team Match

Commision 2.0 (Sugar Dan Stofko, Philadelphia Playboy and Logie P) defeated Team Robles (Nick Robles, Trace Parker and Will Straus) (with C.R. O'Malley)

Clutch Adams' Open Challenge

Clutch Adams defeated Ricky Pryce (with C.R. O'Malley and Aurora Lee)

PPW Television Championship Match

Nolan Pierce defeated Sam Adams to retain the PPW Television Championship

Tag Team Match

The Vetrano Brothers defeated Los Toxicos (with Nat Castle)

Singles Match

Diego Hill defeated GKM

PPW Tag Team Championship Match

South Philly's Finest (Luca Brazzi and Jimmy Konway) defeated Championship Material (Joey Martinez and Vinny Mac) to retain the PPW Tag Team Championships

Mixed Tag Team Match

The Neon Blondes (Facade and Dani Mo) defeated Griffin McCoy and Sammi Chaos

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