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Titan Outlaws

combined 555 lbs

Bull Hightower and Bo Nekoda, known collectively as The Titan Outlaws, are two of the most rugged men in professional wrestling today. The Titan Outlaws are Old School Mean, The Wrestling World's Dream.

Bull is a former PPW No Limits Champion who hails from Corpus Christi, Texas. Originally a rodeo ranch hand, the taller member of the team recruited Bo as a partner following the retirement of former PPW Television Champion Travis Dorian. In the ring, Bull is a methodical monster who overwhelms his opponents. Every movement he makes has a purpose, and that purpose is to inflict damage.

Nekoda is from Perry County, Pennsylvania, and is the more technically proficient of the pair. The lumberjack by trade is not above resorting to underhanded tactics between the ropes.

The pair have come to PPW to make a name for themselves in any way possible. The dastardly tough guys have every intention of making PPW their latest wasteland, and are daring any team to step up to them.

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