TJ Masters

The Commissioner of PPW

  • TJ Masters

The reigning commisioner of PPW has had his fingerprints all over the company since its inception. Once a former PPW Tag Team Champion as part of the team Rise Up, Masters translates his mastery of wrestling to a prominent backstage role. 

While the commissioner has had times where he appears to have the PPW Nation's best intentions in mind, there have also been plenty of other times recently where he has cost competitors matches in order to advance some of his preferred wrestlers. The most notable people that have been on the wrong side of TJ are Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi, better known as South Philly's Finest.

Currently, in addition to his commissioner duties, Masters also finds time to manage Adam Chandler The Great and Arrogance of Excellence. With his history with the company and his commanding backstage presence, as well as potentially being in cahoots with despised manager Ryan Race, plenty of wrestlers would love to become TJ's next client.

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