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Vee Marino

York, Pa | 215 Lbs

  • Vee Marino

"Superstar" Vee Marino has made quite the name for himself in a very short time. The York, Pennsylvania resident is a recent graduate of PPW's training school, and has already earned multiple championship opportunities.

Incredibly skilled for such a young age, "Superstar" is not just a nickname. The young grappler carries himself like one in and out of the ring. Whether he is wearing expensive robes on his way to the squared circle or wearing $1,000 snakeskin boots outside of it, Vee has an unteachable presence about him.

The PPW Nation seems to not enjoy Vee and his work due to his arrogant personality, but "Superstar" doesn't care about that. His biggest concern is his championship aspirations. At the pace he's going at, it's matter of when and not if he is wearing some PPW gold.


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