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Vinny Mac

Long Beach, NY | 215 lbs

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The look, the in ring ability. The charisma. The drive. All of it is tremendous, just like Vinny Mac's headband says.

Vinny Mac lives every part of his life tremendously, but has quickly made an enemy out of the PPW Nation by aligning with the dastardly Mr. Ruda and Joey Martinez. Vinny would most likely be successful without Team Ruda in his corner, but has decided to take the low road to get to the top of the PPW food chain.

Spending his nights at clubs and his days in the gym, Vinny is an avid fan of night life in Florida while also insuring that he always looks in top physical shape.

Love him or hate him, there is absolutely no denying that "The Notorious V-I-N" is, well, tremendous in the squared circle. Only time will tell, however, whether being tremendous is enough to become a PPW Champion.


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