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Wrecking Ball Legursky

Steel City, USA | 400 lbs

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There's big, there's huge, then there's the Wrecking Ball.

Standing at 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing 400 pounds, NWA star Wrecking Ball Legursky came to PPW and has bowled over everybody the company has put in front of him. Such dominance has quickly endeared the Steel City native to the PPW Nation in a way few others ever have.

For those that have not seen Wrecking Ball in action, the super heavyweight is not just some slow and plodding big man. The 400 pounder is an incredible athlete and moved around the ring like a man 1/2 of his size.

If the rest of the roster knew what was best for them, they'd stay out of the way when the Wrecking Ball is coming through.

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