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PPW Xplosion

july 19, 2014 | Holy Family Academy | Hazleton, PA


What the July 19, 2014 show Xplosion lacked in total matches, it more than made up for in star power.​

Tommy Suede's reign of terror over the company finally came an end at the hands of former WWE superstar Brodus Clay.

Former WWE superstar Curt Hawkins (wrestling under his real name Brian Myers) also made his Hazleton debut against Lance Anoai.

The card also featured the first mixed tag team match in the company's history.

Complete results of the show can be found below.


Triple Threat Match

Mike Mitchell defeated Ben Ortiz and The British Wolf


Mixed Tag Team Match

Brittany Blake & Clay Drasher defeated Sammi Pandora & Tom Floyd


Singles Match

Lance Anoai defeated Brian Myers


PPW Heavyweight Championship Match

Brodus Clay defeated Tommy Suede to become the new PPW Heavyweight Champion

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