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Clara Carreras

Riverside, Ca

"La Chica" Clara Carreras is a ball of fun every time she steps through the curtain. Her authenticity draws her to the PPW Nation, and her wrestling pedigree (she hails from a wrestling family) has aided her in her wrestling journey thus far. Carreras is also one half of the Low Ryder Fighters alongside resident superhero Mantequilla.

Carreras draws her inspiration from people like Selena, Kobe Bryant and wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero. The Riverside, California native has a gymnast background to help her gain an edge against the competition.

Not the biggest woman on the PPW roster by any means, "La Chica" has taken the women's roster by storm, already challenging for the PPW Women's Championship. It feels like a matter of time before she is not only challenging, but eventually winning the gold. Viva La Chica!

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