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scranton, pa | 220lbs

  • Johnny Moran

Johnny Moran came to PPW and immediately made an impact by enlisting the services of former PPW Commissioner Ryan Race to help him backstage with the PPW brass. Moran also competed in the first inter-promotional championship match, unsuccessfully unseating Malik Avalon of his APEX Revolution gold.


The year of 2018 saw Moran finally claim gold in PPW becoming the PPW No Limits Champion

Moran made history during the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming the first man to hold a championship for over a year in PPW, as he and girlfriend Christina Marie held the PPW Television Championship and PPW Women's Championship, respectively, for a full year.

If Moran ever holds the PPW Heavyweight Championship, which is certainly possible given his ability, he will be the first person to be a grand slam champion in PPW.

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