clutch adams

woodbridge, nj | 235lbs

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Clutch Adams is a combination of strength and agility. Training at the Monster Factory (and even capturing their heavyweight championship while there), Clutch came to PPW to win the PPW Heavyweight Championship, but has taken a detour in his plans by aligning teaming with Johnny Moran to form the Arrogance of Excellence. After successfully doing so, "The Spectacle" has set his sights back on the top prize in PPW.

Putting people away with his rolling elbow, Clutch is starting to make a name for himself in the northeastern independent scene.


Capturing the PPW Television Championship in 2018, a championship he held for several months, Clutch Adams has firmly put himself in the drivers seat of Ryan Race's Undeniable faction. This led to him teaming up with Johnny Moran and winning the PPW Tag Team Championships at New Beginnings in January of 2019 alongside Moran.