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BREAKING: Alexander Hammerstone Debuts this Saturday!

By: Mitchell Frantz

One of the hottest independent wrestlers roaming this planet and Major League Wrestling star Alexander Hammerstone will debut at PPW Aftermath!

A physical specimen, Hammerstone will bring his powerful offense to Hazleton for the first time ever this Saturday. The Phoenix, Arizona native can credit his dominant offense to his ridiculous 565 pound bench press and 830 pound squat!

Hammerstone is not just some unintelligent brawn. He is a very accomplished investor and spends part of his time reading The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

Not only is he powerful and intelligent, but he is one of the most overwhelming competitors in wrestling today. To date, the 6’3” competitor has picked up victories in his career over Brian Pillman Jr., Facade, Moose, Gangrel, Matt Striker and Impact World Champion Brian Cage.

Richard Holliday has to be thrilled that his Dynasty friend will be joining him in Hazleton this month, although there is no word on who Hammerstone will be competing against.

To see Alexander Hammerstone in action, head on over to and get your tickets for PPW Aftermath now! Also appearing live and in action will be MVP, 2 Cold Scorpio, Nyla Rose, JXT and more! Get your tickets now!


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