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D3 Returns to Face Aussie Star JXT

By: Mitchell Frantz

“Golden Boy” D3 has always been one of the most beloved stars in PPW.

The Italian-born star has not been seen in Hazleton since September of 2017 at PPW Adrenaline, where he defeated Samuel Adams, because of his move to Florida. Returning for the first time in nearly 2 years, anticipation will certain be high to see the beloved “Golden Boy” once more.

He will be in for quite the challenge, as one of Australia’s most adored stars, JXT, will be his opponent for the evening. The Aussie is fresh off of a WWE tryout and would love to defeat D3 en route to potentially joining the most recognizable company in all of professional wrestling.

JXT is one of the most exciting men in Australia, and looks to make an immediate impression stateside by overcoming a seasoned competitor like D3. The contest will feature a slew of fantastic and innovative wrestling, as well as a likely split crowd, as both men are known for their ability to get the audience to fall in love with them.

Will it be the returning “Golden Boy” who picks up a victory after nearly two years away? Or will it be the wild-haired JXT who leaves Hazleton victorious? Which beloved figure will be able to win over the crowd?

Find out the answer to all of these quesions on May 18th as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Aftermath! Tickets for the event are available now at Also appearing will be MVP, 2 Cold Scorpio, Nyla Rose and all of your favorite PPW stars! Order your tickets today!


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