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isabella, pr | 215lbs

  • Samuel Adams
  • Samuel Adams

For years, "Mr Good Luck" Samuel Adams has heard the fans who ridicule him when he comes to the ring. He knows there is a beer with the very name, and he knows the fans like to get on him about it. Adams cares so much that he named his finisher "The Boston Lager", a move that he's had success with in the past.

Adams is the definition of persistence. Adams called PPW offices for two years straight before getting the call to work in Hazleton. Since that call, Adams has worked his way up the ladder and has captured the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

The fans that hated Adams at first have grown to love Mr. Good Luck over time, earning the respect of fans and competitors alike, especially after he dumped former manager Diablo Rojo.

With key victories over Petey Williams, Nunzio, James Ellsworth, and Juventud Guerrera, as well as being a former PPW Heavyweight Champion, Sam Adams will look to be a major player in PPW for a long time.

Currenlty, Adams is teaming up with best friend Syler Andrews and competing in the tag team ranks as The Sambo Show.

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