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The Sambo Show

Puerto Rico | 435 lbs

  • The Sambo Show

By themselves, "Mr. Good Luck" Samuel Adams and "El Lobo" Syler Andrews are great. Adams is a former PPW Heavyweight Champion, and has an impressive list of opponents he has defeated, including James Ellsworth, Nunzio, and Petey Williams. Syler is no slouch either, as he was PPW Television Champion for a good part of 2018. Pair the two together, and they become unstoppable.

Adams and Andrews are not just two wrestlers randomly chosen for each other; the two are best friends outside of wrestling and do everything together. Their familiarity makes them a perfect team inside and outside of the ring. The showmanship and technical prowess of "Mr. Good Luck" mixes perfectly with the size-power-speed combination possessed by "El Lobo." Combine that with 25 years of experience between the two, and it certainly seems to be a recipe for success in a crowded division.

With that being said, the entire PPW Tag Team Division was put on notice when these two joined forces, and it resulted in the pair winning the PPW Tag Team Champions in June of 2021.

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