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Dynasty, Mane Event Fight to Double Count Out

By: Mitchell Frantz

When it was announced that PPW favorites the Mane Event would be in action at PPW Aftermath, fans immediately became excited, yet curious. They love watching the duo of Jay Lyon and Midas Black tear the house down, but also were eager to learn who their opponents would be.

Around the same time, when Alexander Hammerstone was announced to make his first appearance in a PPW ring, most were expecting the heavyweight to be involved in a match with Dynasty stablemate Richard Holliday, which proved to be correct as well.

What fans did not see coming, however, was that the two teams would collide head-to-head at Aftermath, but boy were the fans in for a treat. A fantastic match came out of the four competitors, with all of the men proving why they are some of the top talents in not only Hazleton, but elsewhere around the nation.

When the smoke cleared, however, a clear winner was not decided, as both teams were counted out. The matchup technically ended in a draw. The result was far from an ideal scenario for both teams, but there were plenty of positive takeaways from the contest.

For the Mane Event, the circus warriors proved that they can go toe-to-toe with two of Major League Wrestling’s brightest stars. While a win would have helped them tremendously, a draw proves that the pair of Midas Black and Jay Lyon are at the level of "The Most Marketable Man" and Hammerstone.

As for the Dynasty, Hammerstone had never been to the Holy Family Academy before this contest, so there was a bit of feeling about between himself and the PPW Nation. Richard Holliday has never been the most liked person in Hazleton, so the crowd being against them did not help matters either. Escaping Hazleton without a loss is good enough for the blue-chip prospects, as they can return to MLW with an unscathed record, technically.

Looking ahead, the Mane Event and Richard Holliday will be in the same arena once again come PPW Destiny on June 22nd. Also in attendance will be Summer Rae, TJP, PPW Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez and plenty of others! Get your tickets now for the event and for the meet and greet at


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