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Holliday Upsets Pillman Jr.

By: Mitchell Frantz

Brian Pillman Jr. is undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects in all of independent wrestling.

While his trajectory is certainly pointing upwards, he came to Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling for the second consecutive month to take on one of PPW’s very best competitors, Richard Holliday.

The Most Marketable Man in Wrestling was wrestling from underneath for most of the contest, as Pillman was constantly goading Holliday into making a mistake, whether it was spitting water in Holliday’s face or brawling with “The Most Marketable Man in Professional Wrestling” all around the ring. Just when it appeared that Pillman had the match all but won, Holliday resorted to giving the Cincinnati, Ohio native a low blow directly into a roll up to pin the son of a Loose Cannon.

After losing to Mike Orlando at Juiced, Holliday desperately needed a win to regain his momentum. Desperate times call for desperate measures, which proved to be the case with the last ditch effort by Richard Holliday to hit Pillman below the belt in order to secure the victory.

No matter how he managed to do it, a victory is a victory, and Holliday sets himself up well for a marquee match heading into PPW Super Show II. As for Pillman, he heads back to Major League Wrestling knowing that he did all in his power to get the victory, but Holliday took advantage of the one second the referee had his back turned to the contest.

While Holliday does not have an opponent confirmed for PPW Super Show II yet, the consumers, particularly in Hazleton, will certainly be buzzing for the contest.


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