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Late Addition Pratt Wins Golden Ticket

By: Mitchell Frantz

Sometimes in life, when an opportunity presents itself, you gotta take it.

That is exactly what Desean Pratt did en route to becoming the newest holder of the Golden Ticket Briefcase at Super Show II. The briefcase allows for “The Prince of Camden” to have a PPW Heavyweight Championship match anywhere and anytime he wants.

The 13-year veteran went into the month expecting to face rising star KC Navarro, as the issues between the two had reach a boiling point after “The Prince of Camden” attacked Navarro after the match for the second consecutive month. When it was determined that “The Skyreaper” was not medically cleared to compete, guest General Manager Teddy Long inserted Pratt into the night’s main event alongside Mike Orlando, Facade and Simon Gotch.

While this writer is sure that Pratt would have loved to get his hands on Navarro in a contest between the two, being inserted into the Golden Ticket match is not a bad consolation prize. After all, Pratt has had a history in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling of stepping up in big-time matches. Since December, he has beaten Lucha Underground star Drago and Impact star KM in consecutive months, but has gone into a bit of a slump since. Coincidentally, KC Navarro has been involved in the Camden native’s matches for the past two months in some capacity.

The win positions “The Prince of Camden” as the most dangerous man on the entire roster, at least in PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James’ eyes. With Pratt now lurking at any possible moment, James must have eyes in the back of his head at all times.

As for the other three competitors in the match, they all proved that they are clearly at the top of their game. Facade pulled off some ridiculous offense, including a Canadian Destroyer that knocked Simon Gotch out cold. When Facade went for the pin, Pratt kicked Facade off of the prone Gotch, and took the victory from right underneath “The Neon Ninja.”

Facade certainly cannot be happy about this, nor will Mike Orlando be in the coming months. Pratt better be on high alert himself, as both men will be gunning for him and try to goad “The Prince of Camden” into putting his Golden Ticket up for grabs.

As for next month, both Pratt and Orlando, as well as MVP, 2 Cold Scorpio, JXT and D3 will all be appearing live at PPW Aftermath on Saturday, May 18th. Tickets for the show are available now at


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