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Mason Defends No Limits Championship Against 4 Others

By: Mitchell Frantz

Charles Mason managed to escape Hazleton as the PPW No Limits Champion, but it was not without some good luck on his side.

After “The Billionaire Playboy” slid underneath the bottom rope to eliminate Victor Andrews from the No Limits Rumble, Andrews showed his frustration by superkicking Mason and knocking him out for a while. That time was enough for his fellow competitors to forget about him, particularly Laszlo.

The Hungarian Hero had cleared out the ring and believed he earned the PPW No Limits Championship, only for Mason to reenter the contest and dump him over the top rope.

Now, at PPW Throwdown on 5th Street, Laszlo and three other men return to take on Mason for his No Limits Championship.

Those three other men are PPW Television Champion John Wes, Trajan Horn and Adam Chandler.

Let’s break down all five men:

Charles Mason

Mason, the current No Limits Champion, merely escaped with the championship last month thanks to some good luck. With Mason no longer flying under the radar, he will have to step up once again and prove that last month was not a fluke.

Laszlo Arpad

Laszlo, as mentioned earlier, truly believed that he had won the No Limits Championship at Juiced, only to be the last person to be dumped out of the ring by Mason. Now, with red in his eyes, The Hungarian Hero gets another chance to earn the championship he believed he had won.

John Wes

One of Ryan Race’s prizefighters, Wes once again looks to make history as he gets another opportunity to win the No Limits Championship. He was involved in the No Limits Rumble but had the daunting task of starting the match out first. Despite his best efforts, Wes was one of the very last men eliminated. Already the PPW Television Champion, The Iron Outlaw could be the first person to hold both championships at once.

Trajan Horn

Horn opened a lot of eyes with his performance in the No Limits Rumble, lasting the second longest (only behind Wes) and looking dominant throughout. This month, opponents will be on high alert as The Chubby Daddy is a more than capable wrestler when the bell rings.

Adam Chandler

Chandler, the only man in the contest not involved in the No Limits Rumble, earned his way in this match with an impressive showing against King Leon the 6th in Chandler’s debut. Chandler would have picked up the victory if not for the Squire getting involved and causing the disqualification.

While all five men have a legitimate shot at leaving Hazleton with the No Limits Championship, only one can do so.

Will it be current champion Charles Mason, who is already more than confident in retaining on social media? Will it be Laszlo, who feels he should be champion already? What about current PPW Television Champion John Wes, who has taken out plenty of men with his lethal right hand? Or will Trajan Horn win the championship and continue opening eyes in PPW? Lastly, will it be Adam Chandler, who after one match, looks like he will be a major player in Hazleton for a long time?

Find out who emerges as champion and more when Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Throwdown on 5th Street! The event will take place at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton at 7 pm on March 16th. Tickets are on sale now at


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