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by B.P. Burke

April 20th, 2024 is a day that PPW Nation won’t soon forget. PPW SuperShow IV - an event that will go down in the books as one of the most memorable in PPW’s storied history.

And so many moments go into that. 

Adrien Soriano’s emotional surrender of the Heavyweight Title, followed immediately by The Sindicate swooping in to reclaim their Trios Titles.

South Philly’s Finest becoming Tag Team Champions for an unprecedented eighth time. 

Facade fighting off two of PPW’s newest, fastest rising stars, and then having Clutch Adams’ cash-in thwarted by the unlikeliest of assists from The Mecca.

But one moment that may prove to be the biggest sea change of them all came in the No Disqualification match for the PPW Women’s Title, when Sammi Chaos capped off a dominant rampage up the ranks of the division by dethroning Dani Mo in an instant classic.

In just over a half-year in PPW, Sammi Chaos has reshaped the women’s division in her own image:- fearless, tough, and relentlessly competitive. And later this week. Chaos finds herself in a rematch against the one opponent she’s faced off with in the women’s division but found herself unable to beat, a former women’s champion in her own right: Adena Steele.

Steele showed her own fearless streak upon her return at Free Fallin’ in June - when Harleen Lopez had to bow out of her title shot with Chaos due to injury, Steele leapt at the chance to jump directly into the fire in her return to PPW after a year-plus layoff. She took the fight to Chaos, and in doing so, both competitors lost track of the official’s count. An ending that made no one happy.

And ending that has been rendered impossible by the rules of the rematch - a lumberjack match.With two competitors determined to fight until they drop and a horde of PPW stars keeping them both in the ring, something has to give.

And even if Adena Steele can find it within her to do what no woman in PPW has been able to do so far, and put a stop to the unstoppable force that is Sammi Chaos, she will find herself atop a women’s division that has been wholly reshaped by the champion who came before her.

One thing is for sure - it’s going to be a showdown you don’t want to miss.


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