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United in Battle, Divided by Fate

United in Battle, Divided by Fate - The Neon Blondes Blaze an Uncertain Path Forward

by B.P. Burke

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

United in Battle, Divided by Fate - The Neon Blondes Blaze an Uncertain Path Forward

by B.P. Burke

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Famous first words by Charles Dickens. Also, if flipped around, a very apt description of the evening Dani Mo and Facade had last month at SuperShow IV.

Dani Mo wrestled as flawless a match as she has throughout her reign as PPW champion - perhaps her best match ever - and it still wasn’t good enough to slam the breaks on the steamroller that is Sammi Chaos, as the last, brightest light in Sammi’s way was driven through a door and, after a valiant last gasp by Dani, extinguished.

Not all title changes are created equal. Some are elevated to another level because they represent a changing of the guard not just because of a championship belt changing hands, but because they seem to usher in a new era that will be led by the new champion.

It’s too early to say if that’s what we saw when Sammi Chaos kept Dani Mo’s shoulders down for the three, but it surely felt that way on April 20th.

It’s hardly guaranteed. Dani Mo is guaranteed to fight on. The PPW Women’s Division grows every month, and all reigns are destined to eventually come to an end, but at present moment, it’s very, very hard to imagine Sammi relinquishing her stranglehold over the division soon.

And then there was the best of times.

Fighting with the same spirit Adrien Soriano exemplified in his time as PPW champion, “The Neon Ninja” Facade ended the night on a high note for the Neon Blondes by outlasting Diego Hill and Dio Bando for the PPW Title, and then fending off Clutch Adams’ Golden Ticket cash-in - thanks in no small part to a HUGE assist from The Mecca in a shocking return.

Long synonymous with greatness in the eyes of PPW Nation, Facade once again has the title to prove it, and. much like Sammi Chaos, he doesn’t plan on loosening his grip on it any time soon.

So that brings us to Thunder Road, where another wrestler at a crossroads enters the fray: Griffin McCoy. “The Top Guy” gave VSK all he could handle, but the veteran with AEW, TNA, and NWA experience under his belt was able to best the young upstart. McCoy earned VSK’s respect, symbolized by the offer of a handshake, but McCoy decided that he didn’t want it.

McCoy isn’t in PPW for handshakes or cheers. He’s in PPW for victory. To prove that “Top Guy” is a statement of fact, not a nickname.

And what better way to do that than to beat the heavyweight champion 1-2-3?

Four wrestlers, all on divergent paths, meet in mixed tag team action at Thunder Road this Sunday afternoon.

It’s going to be a special one, and I’ll see you there.


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