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Quarantine Chronicles: Johnny Moran

By: Tom Mitchell

The PPW Chronicles is a series where me, PPW Backstage Announcer Tom Mitchell, interview various members of the PPW roster about what they have been up to since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The second guest is none other than PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran.

The first interview with Desean Pratt can be found here.

"The Dark Horse" has done it nearly everything there is to do in PPW since his debut in 2016. The Scranton, PA native is the reigning Television Champion, and has held the No Limits Championship, as well as been a former PPW Tag Team Champion alongside current PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams. The only championship Moran has yet to capture in PPW is the Heavyweight Championship, a title that he actually helped Clutch win from Austin Aries last October. Here is the interview with "The Son of Scranton" himself:

Tom Mitchell: The first question I have is how have you transitioned to life in quarantine?

Johnny Moran: My transition has been kind of tough. I’m used to not being home a lot. I work 40 hours a week and 12 hours a week at the gym. On top of that I travel every weekend for wrestling. So being home this much has taken some getting used to I have been read, watching tv, doing at home workouts, working on my vegetable garden, and other yard work.

TM: A vegetable garden? What kind of vegetables do you grow?

JM: Yes sir! Green Beans, Red & Green Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Big Boy Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Italian Peppers.

TM: That's awesome! As for your at home workouts, what have you been doing for those?

JM: My trainer (Ryan Nosek) has been posting at home workouts I have been following.

TM: Nice! You mentioned television as well. Are there any shows you're currently binging or have already binge watched since this all began?

JM: Tiger King, The Superman Movies, Capone, 21 Jump Street The Series, Outer Banks, and Firepower.

TM: That's quite the list! Now, switching to wrestling, Andy Header and Chris Banks are set to meet in the finals to determine who will be the number one contender to your championship. Do you have a preference as to which man you'd rather face?

JM: No I don’t have a preference honestly it doesn’t matter who wins I will beat either one of them! Honestly just make it a triple threat match. So it’s over and done with you only get one shot at The Dark Horse no rematches or excuses!

TM: That's a big time statement right there! Looking further into the future though, if you were to win the PPW Heavyweight Championship somewhere down the road, you would become the first man to ever hold every championship in PPW. Have you ever thought about potentially pursuing that championship?

JM: You're G** D*** right I do. Honestly it should be Clutch Adams vs Johnny Moran at the Super Show but no lets put the neon punk in the match. I used to wear neon too but then I grew up.....

TM: Wow! That's a big claim! Does the Dark Horse have a bone to pick with the Neon Ninja?

JM: Neon Ninja, The Prince of Camden, All Energy, or whoever stands in my way. Listen the whole you can’t touch Clutch thing..... Clutch used me to get the championship and now it time to pay Uncle Johnny back!

TM: Bold claims for sure!

Tom's Take

Johnny Moran has been patient with his time and has really began ascending the ranks in PPW, starting in 2018 with the No Limits Championship. Winning that kick-started arguably the greatest stretch of his career, where he won 3 championships in a span of roughly a year. It is not out of the realms of possibilities for Moran to climb into PPW Heavyweight Championship contention, all while potentially holding the Television Championship as well. This interview could certainly rub some top contenders the wrong way, so if he wants to eventually face PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, then he must go through names like Breaux Keller, Desean Pratt and Facade in order to do so.


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