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Ruhl, Adams, Rivera Set to Resolve Issues at PPW VI

By: Mitchell Frantz

The implosion of Drew Adams and Antonio Rivera could have been seen from a mile away.

Rivera trusted Adams, and stuck by the hoverboard riding featherweight’s side despite several controversial decisions by Adams. The featherweight eliminated Rivera from the PPW Tag Team Rumble, and betrayed “The Dominican Dream’s” trust once more a few weeks ago on PPW High Voltage. The last time was the final straw for the Dominican native, as he found Drew Adams backstage after their match against Isaak Ruhl and Lamar Hawkins and pummeled him.

Speaking of Ruhl, “The German Juggernaut” has made life miserable for both Adams and Rivera from the moment they arrived in PPW. Constantly overwhelming the two with his incredible power, Ruhl has bullied the men for months now.

The issues between all three have now reached a boiling point, and it is finally coming all together at PPW VI. These men all cannot stand each other and would love to prove to the other two that they are superior; however, only one man can have his arm raised at the end of the contest. Question is: which man will it be?

Find out the answer to this question and more as PPW presents it’s 6th Anniversary Show! as The night will feature stars like former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir, former Impact Heavyweight and Ring of Honor World Champion Austin Aries, former WWE stars Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Rhyno, and former Impact star Madison Rayne! Tickets and specials are available now at!


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