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Sam Adams Throws Name Into PPW Tag Team Rumble

By Scott Fineout

"Mr Good Luck" Samuel Adams has sent word to PPW Management that he and a "partner of his choosing" will be entering the big PPW Tag Team Rumble happening this weekend in Hazleton at PPW Destiny.

Adams, a former PPW Heavyweight Champion himself, has been on the search for a championship in PPW and has come close with a near victory over Sean Carr a few months ago. His rise through the PPW ranks has been well documented from the bottom to once holding the PPW Heavyweight Championship, getting rid of former manager Diablo Rojo at PPW 5 helped the fans get behind him again.

With reports stating that Adams has been eyeing this Rumble as a chance to break out and get a title in Hazleton again, the question remains who on the PPW roster will join him.

The tactic from Adams is smart in that he is not giving his opponents any information to prepare for whoever is joining him. Either way, a talent like Samuel Adams in the PPW Tag Team Rumble certainly takes things to another level in this match.


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