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SPF Earns One Last Chance against Arrogance of Excellence

By: Nick Uliana

It was not the two wrestlers-in-training who dressed as Jimmy Konway and Lucca Brazi, nor the myriad of other teams that South Philly's Finest have been robbed of fair opportunities at the PPW Tag Team Championships that could break their spirit. If anything, we have learned that there are very few competitors tougher that the South Philly`s Finest (SPF).

The determination and the resilience that has carried the SPF to being one of the hottest tag teams in professional wrestling today and carried them to victory at Throwdown on 5th Street and onto a Tag Team Championship match at PPW grandest stage, SuperShow II on April 27th. However, it would not be an easy task as their competition would feature some of the top tag team competitors in PPW, Mane Event and Punk Rock All Stars, who have a been SPF's fiecreist rivals in PPW.

Once Jimmy Konway applied his signature sharpshooter, it was clear that once again the SPF rules the roast of tag team competition in PPW. They will move to face the Arrogance of Excellence at PPW's grandest stage of them all, Super Show II on April 27th. If you would like to see the SPF battle Arrogance of Excellence for PPW tag team gold, tickets can be found at


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