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SPF, Mane Event and Punk Rock All Stars Eye Super Show II Opportunity

By: Jessica McKeown

The PPW Nation is in for a heck of a tag team match at PPW Throwdown on 5th Street March 16, 2019. Three of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling’s hottest tag teams will face off for an opportunity to take the PPW Tag Team Championship from current champions Arrogance of Excellence members Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams. Each of these tag teams also have something to prove in their own rights.

As newcomers to the Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling roster, The Mane Event aim to show Hazleton their fantastical appearance and partnership do not overshadow their realistic in-ring abilities. Those abilities defeated veteran Punk Rock All Stars Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon just last month, and that shows a command to take them seriously. However, Carter and Cannon still find last month’s defeat as a joke and plan to show The Mane Event and the fans that they can come out on top; that includes becoming the new champions and knocking Arrogance of Excellence off their pedestal.

Though The Mane Event and Punk Rock All Stars come into this match with something to prove, fan favorites South Philly’s Finest walk into the ring with the most storied championship history in all of PPW and bats ready to meet skulls. Adams and Moran found ways to rob “The Gent” Jimmy Konway and “The Line” Luca Brazzi out of victories over the last couple months, so the Philly duo have all intentions of beating their two opposing teams in order to solidify their rightful place as contenders once more.

Three great teams, but only one can move forward to break down Arrogance of Excellence and their firm grip on the Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling locker room. Come out to PPW Throwdown on 5th Street on March 16, 2019 to find out which team comes out on top!

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