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Steele Seeks Revenge Against Christina

By: Mitchell Frantz

Christina Marie has had plenty of ups and downs in her PPW career, but perhaps her lowest point came at the hands of AEW’s Nyla Rose.

In a match between the two, Nyla absolutely destroyed the Couragerous former PPW Women’s Champion, barely letting her red-headed opponent breathe, let alone get any offense in. The demoralizing loss, coupled with Marie’s loss of the PPW Women’s Championship the month before, threw the Albany native into a deep downward spiral.

Her first target: Adena Steele.

She gave a vicious Courageous Bomb to the young competitor, planting her in the mat before grabbing a microphone from Paul Bo and spewing out anger and disgust towards the fans for not supporting her. Marie claimed that the fans did not give her any sympathy after her loss to Nyla, but wanted to give a relatively new competitor love after Steele had just been defeated by the debuting Edna Pinheart.

With the powerbomb, the red-headed powerhouse found herself to be the biggest enemy of one Adena Steele. The tattooed blonde has had impressive showings in her brief time in Hazleton, but can catapult herself towards the top of the division if she can defeat the former PPW Women’s Champion at Destiny.

Will Steele be able to overcome the angry Marie? Or will Christina’s new attitude propel her to a victory over the Scranton native?

Find out the fate of these two ladies on June 22nd, when PPW presents Destiny! Tickets are on sale now at! Get your tickets today!


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