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Teddy Long to be Guest General Manager for Super Show II

By: Mitchell Frantz

Holla holla holla playa!

Teddy Long will be stepping foot in the Holy Family Academy for the first time at PPW Super Show II!

Teddy Long is a former manager and referee, and most notably, the former General Manager of WWE SmackDown between 2004 to 2012. During his career, Long went from a hated manager for multiple people in WCW and WWE to one of the most beloved authority figures of all time. Teddy was a breath of fresh air to the WWE product at the time when despised authority figures like Eric Bischoff and Mr. McMahon were the decision makers. Long also during this stint was removed from being the general manager of SmackDown in 2008 to become the General Manager of ECW before returning back to his previous role less than a year later. This made him the only 2-time General Manager in SmackDown’s history. In addition, he was the first black authority figure in WWE’s history.

Word has it that Long will appear at PPW Super Show II as the guest general manager, making an appearance in a role he has grown to be extremely comfortable in over the years. It will be interesting to hear how Commisioner TJ Masters as well as Ryan Race react to these developments, as neither man will be particularly pleased that somebody else is calling the shots.

Do not get the chance to miss the most beloved WWE manager in history when he shows up in Hazleton for Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling’s Super Show II! Tickets are available now at


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