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Sent 2 Slaughter

Combined 530 lbs

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Between 41 years of wrestling experience, a boat load of singles championships, and 3 different tag team championships currently (including the PPW Tag Team Championships), Dan Maff and Shawn Donavan have immediately stormed into the PPW Tag Team Division and put everyone on notice.

After destroying South Philly's Finest in a surprise mugging at Super Show 2 in their first appearance as a team in PPW, Maff and Donavan went on to become the champions in their first official match against 14 other teams.

While the two alone have had plenty of success, the pair together creates utter chaos. Their bruising style brings the tag team wrestling from the past and gives it a more modern upgrade.


The two men are willing to fight and take out anyone in their path, and dare the PPW Tag Team Division to either step up or get out of their locker room.

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