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Sam Adams, Damien Gray and Salem Gray

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The Brothers Gray are two men who have earned their keep by collecting contracts and successfully executing the job at hand, leading to more and more opportunities in the world of professional wrestling. Known by their catch phrases of "Lights Out" and "By Any Means Necessary," these no nonsense biological brothers have the talent and nastiness to go to any length imaginable to complete the mission objective. 

Salem (pictured left) is the loose cannon brother. He uses a bevvy of kicks, including his devastating Cannon Kick, as well as underhanded tactics to secure victory.

Damian (pictured right) is the more physical of the pair, and has been described as a "tank" in every sense of the word. Known for his smarts when it comes to strategy and preparation, Damian is willing and able to stand toe to toe with anyone the contract puts in front of him.

The pair are led by Samuel Adams, a former PPW Heavyweight Champion. The trio have been absolutely unstoppable when teaming together.

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