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Adams and Rivera Get Fair Chance Against Undeniable

By: Mitchell Frantz

Sometimes, you must form unlikely alliances to take down a common enemy.

For Drew Adams, Undeniable was able to convince his bodyguard, Lamar Hawkins, to leave Drew and bring his services to the most hated group in PPW. The departure left the hoverboard riding rich kid to fight his own battles, which has not worked out well to this point.

For Antonio Rivera, he was constantly put in humiliating and downright unfair situations by TJ Masters and Undeniable leader Ryan Race. When he saw Drew Adams begin to receive the same treatment, "The Dominican Dream" saw a potential ally in his battle with Race and Masters. Granted, this ally was ignorant and pampered, but at least it was a partner. Despite getting eliminated by Adams in the PPW Tag Team Rumble in June, Rivera has trusted the spoiled featherweight to fight alongside him once again at Brawl at the Mall.

Their chances do not look great, as Ryan Race is sending his two monsters, Isaak Ruhl and Lamar Hawkins, to take on the unlikely duo. The two men weigh a combined 630 pounds, and both individually weigh more than their opponent's weights put together.

With no sneak attacks or steel chairs to bail Drew and Antonio out, the two will have to face their massive problems head on in this classic David vs. Goliath contest.

Will Undeniable reign supreme in Scranton? Or will the two cruiserweights pick up the upset victory? Can Rivera trust Adams to have his back throughout the contest?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more as PPW presents Brawl at the Mall in Scranton, Pennsylvania! Appearing live will be WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware, PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James, "The Neon Ninja" Facade, Holidead, PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, Scranton native Adena Steele, Holidead and plenty of others! Tickets are available now at! Get your tickets today!

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