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Arrogance of Excellence Enters June Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

The first team to enter the Tag Team Rumble for the vacant PPW Tag Team Championships is none other than Ryan Race’s Arrogance of Excellence.

The team of Clutch Adams and Johnny Moran have quickly become one of the most dominant teams in all of Hazleton with every passing show, getting progressively better and better while they get more familiar with each other. Their potential was evident when in the group’s second match together, they defeated South Philly's Finest to become the new PPW Tag Team Champions.

The pair had issues with each other before coming together in Undeniable, but quickly but those differences aside thanks to Race and found a ton of success as a pair.

The two would most likely be champions today if it wasn’t for a table collapsing from underneath of Moran while he was laying on it. The pair, as well as the rest of Undeniable, were irate at what happened at Super Show II, which led to General Manager Freddy Ackers having no choice but to declare the championships vacant and put a rumble in place to determine the next titleholders.

Stay tuned to see which other teams will be involved in the Rumble at Destiny! Tickets are available now at!


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