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Aussie Star JXT is Coming to PPW

By: Mitchell Frantz

Australian star JXT will be coming to Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling on May 18th for PPW Aftermath as well as on June 22nd!

JXT a widely popular and beloved star on the rapidly expanding Australian independent circuit, and has been pegged as one of the country’s hottest stars. The welt built Aussie stands at 6’1” and weighs 220 pounds of solid muscle. With his crazy hair and vibrant personality, it is no wonder why JXT has been able to rise up the ranks in Australia so quickly.

Across Australia, JXT has held the top championship in promotions like Gippsland Pro Wrestling, Platinum Wrestling

Enterprises, Hunter Valley Wrestling and New Age Wrestling, as well as tag team champions and other championships

in other Australian promotions.

This will be JXT’s second time wrestling in the United States, as he made a brief trip to the USA in 2016. He wrestled a match with WrestlePro and two matches with Ohio Valley Wrestling.

After making his mark in Australia, JXT seems determined to make a statement against some of PPW’s best and brightest talents. Tickets to see JXT will soon be available at

Tickets for PPW Super Show II are currently available on the website, with stars like Melina, Teddy Long, Disco Inferno, Simon Gotch and Gillberg all confirmed to appear at the event. Get your tickets now!


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