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Brazzi Beats Odds; SPF Win Gold

By: Mitchell Frantz

South Philly’s Finest have long been one of the faces of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling.

The duo of “The Line” Luca Brazzi and “The Gent” Jimmy Konway have been with the Hazleton-based company since practically the beginning, and were the second ever PPW Tag Team Champions.

With such a history, SPF has seen it all in PPW. People have come and gone, championships have been introduced, a women’s revolution has taken place, and PPW has continued to grow. Despite all of this, there has always been one constant in Hazleton: the wise guys from South Philly.

The latest thorn in SPF’s side has been the Arrogance of Excellence, the team consisting of Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams. The Undeniable affiliates have quickly soared up the ranks in Hazleton, and captured the PPW Tag Team Championships in only their second match together.

South Philly’s Finest were the recipients of some straight-up horrible officiating at both New Beginnings in January as well as at Juiced in February, when TJ Masters was the special guest referee. After having won a triple threat tag team match to become the number one contenders once more, the Arrogance of Excellence declared that this would be the final opportunity for “The Line” and “The Gent” to compete for the PPW Tag Team Championships.

Things did not start out well for Brazzi and Konway. After a diving elbow from Clutch Adams took Jimmy Konway out of the equation, it was down to Luca Brazzi to try and go at it alone. Things appeared bleak for “The Line” once AoE began setting up a table in the corner. Moran was on one side of the ring while Clutch was holding Brazzi on the opposite side of it. As Johnny began charging towards Brazzi to spear him through the table, “The Line” pulled Clutch Adams in harm’s way at the very last possible moment, leading to Moran spearing Adams and thus eliminating him.

This is where AoE’s lack of experience of a tag team comes into play. While SPF have been teaming together since 2012, Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams only began teaming up in December. The familiarity with each other is not there like it is with Konway and Brazzi.

In order to win the championships, SPF needed a little bit of luck on their side in order to leave as champions for the sixth time. After Luca Brazzi enziguried Moran on top of a table and began his ascent to the top rope, the table gave out on Johnny and SPF were declared the winners.

The shock and confusion on Brazzi’s face was obvious, but that did not compare to the elation he felt when it set in that he was a tag team champion once more for an unprecedented sixth time in PPW. That elation did not last long, as Sent 2 Slaughter (Shane Donovan and Danny Maff) made their way through the crowd and made it well known that they are coming for the championships.

With SPF champions once more, both the Arrogance of Excellence and Sent 2 Slaughter will be gunning for their gold as soon as possible. AoE should get their rematch here soon, with Sent 2 Slaughter lurking in the background.


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