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Drew Adams Recruits Partner for Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

Drew Adams was down in the dumps following PPW Aftermath.

All in the same night, Sean Carr ghosted him, Lamar Hawkins left him to follow bigger wallets with Undeniable, and Isaak Ruhl absolutely destroyed him in the ring. With nowhere to turn, the hoverboard riding kid turned to a fellow Underdog Wrestling School member: Antonio Rivera.

Rivera has popped up in front of PPW audiences a few times, whether it be as a fake Luca Brazzi, a resilient competitor who tried standing up to Adam Chandler, or as a man who finally stood up for himself at PPW Aftermath. Rivera even competed in the No Limits Rumble in February and had an impressive showing there. The bout provided very valuable experience for both Rivera and Adams, as Hoverboard Drew performed well in that contest as well.

For Adams, a new partner represents a fresh start and possibly a rebuilt confidence. The Beats-wearing featherweight has got to climb out of the hole TJ Masters, Ryan Race and company have put him in, and finding himself a young and hungry partner who is eager to prove to the loyal PPW Nation that he is championship worthy may do exactly that.

Will the young and eager team of Adams and Rivera make it all the way to the end and become the next PPW Tag Team Champions? With no previous experience together, will the two be able to coexist?

Find out on Saturday at PPW Destiny! Tickets are available now at! Order today and avoid the hassle at the door!


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