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Evander James Defeats Carr to Become New Champ

By: Nick Uliana

The biggest show of the year proved to provide some of the biggest matches in PPW history. PPW SuperShow II was a sojourn for the some of the biggest competitors in the professional wrestling business, and two of those competitors faced off for one of the most sought after prizes in professional wrestling, the PPW Heavyweight Championship. The two competitors who faced off for the coveted championship were Evander James, the challenger, and Sean Carr, the champion.

The match was a brutal affair, as the two competitors beat themselves all over the PPW home arena of the Holy Family Academy. The match would come to end as Carr would illegally utilize the rope to score a pin after rolling up Evander. Upon this happening, PPW Guest General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long made his way to ringside to make a blockbuster ruling to restart the match due to illegal use of the ropes by Carr.

Upon the match restarting, Evander James hit the super kick on Sean Carr and then scored a pin fall victory and became the new PPW Heavyweight Champion. Evander left Hazleton with much more than just the PPW Heavyweight Championship; he left with the wholesome support of the PPW Nation. The support of the PPW Nation is earned and never given, and hopefully that can power Evander James through both the highs and lows of a championship reign.


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