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Evander to Defend Against Facade

By: Mitchell Frantz

Evander James has turned plenty of skeptics into believers as of late.

Whether it was defeating both TJP and Sean Maluta on this week’s High Voltage, defeating three men in his first championship defense at PPW Aftermath, or earning an opportunity to travel and to train in Japan, “The Man you can Trust” has left a sound impression on the PPW Nation as of late.

While the Gotham City native has been tearing it up, the exact same thing can be said about his upcoming opponent at PPW Heat Blast, Facade.

Facade is coming off of a massive victory over Australian Sensation JXT. That victory, coupled with his popularity in both Hazleton and internationally as well as his string of impressive showings, has catapulted "The Neon Ninja" to be next in line to James' PPW Heavyweight Championship.

While there are no known issues between the men, any contest that involves the top prize in PPW causes competitors to try and elevate their games to the highest level. For the current champion, he has been in peak form now for 3 months and is showing no signs of slowing down. For his opponent, Facade, the Pittsburgh native has every intention to head to Scranton on August 10th as the new PPW Heavyweight Champion.

Which man will emerge victorious? Who will head to the Marketplace at Steamtown in Scranton on August 10th as the champ? Will this match steal the show?

To find all this out and more, head on over to and purchase tickets today! Also scheduled to appear live are Dean Malenko, Kelly Kelly, Ivelisse, PPW Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez and all of your favorite PPW stars! Order your tickets now before they are all gone!


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