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F2V to Meet Rembrandt in Honesdale

By: Noah Krubitzer

There is a popular saying that goes “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” This may have become all too real for Foxx Vinyer, as he lost his prized PPW No Limits Championship to “The German Juggernaut” Isaak Ruhl. Now, the former champ must work his way back up the ranks in his effort to regain his gold. Vinyer will get his first chance to climb back up the metaphorical ladder this Saturday at PPW FIght Night, as he steps into the ring with the artistic force known as Rembrandt.

Last week, at Full Moon, the audience at Holy Family Academy saw a whole new Rembrandt, one presenting himself as a tortured artist. This new version of Rembrandt Lewis wasted no time proving his worth in singles competition, taking down “Big Game” Leroy Green in their first meeting in PPW since the Tag Team Rumble. Perhaps his inner revelation unleashed a ferocity that allowed him to defeat Green; Perhaps it was the interference of his new associate, Cosmic. Whichever it may have been, Vinyer shouldn’t take Rembrandt lightly.

However, if you think that “The Kaleidoscope of Chaos” is an underdog, you may want to rethink your conclusion

While yes, F2V did lose his No Limits Championship at Full Moon, Isaak Ruhl is 300+ lbs of pure muscle, whose astronomical momentum Vinyer may have underestimated. Before that though, the “Firework” had held the title since May, with his most recent successful defense coming from an impromptu 4v1 handicap match, in which he overcame Andy Header and along with 3 other cronies hired by Ryan Race and Undeniable. Looking past his accomplishments, you see the physical embodiment of a mosh pit, whose as agile as a cat, and knows how to damage those who oppose him. When you factor in his in-ring experience, he is nearly unable to be surprised. When you factor in the fact that the “Vibrant and Violent” Vinyer will have a chip on his shoulder the size of a boulder, he is going to be nearly unstoppable.

Will Foxx Vinyer annihilate this artist on his hopeful ascent back to the top? Or will Rembrandt Lewis repaint the landscape of PPW with himself even higher up the food chain?

Find out the answer to all of these questions and more when PPW and Wayne Highlands Middle School team up to present Fight Night! Appearing live alongside these men will be “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, “The Neon Ninja” Facade with Dani Mo, PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event, The Sambo Show, PPW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, “The Dominican Dream” Antonio Rivera, Honesdale’s own Drew Adams and plenty of others! Tickets are available right now at!


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