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Good Carr insurance

By: Scott Fineout

Sean Carr walked into The Holy Family Academy last weekend confident that his PPW Heavyweight Championship wasn't going anywhere. It had nothing to do with Carr's scheduled opponent “Mr. Good Luck” Samuel Adams but yet an illustration of just how far Carr's arrogance stretches. The arrogance that has grew bigger and bigger as the title defenses and the time attached to his reign add up.

Who could blame him for being confident though? Carr brings a resume to Hazleton that few rival and he also brings his “Carr Insurance Policy.” Carr's bodyguard Lamar Hawkins is a huge presence. At a towering frame that stands north of 6'4” and an obvious attitude, Hawkins is someone that even the most oblivious of people can tell shouldn't be messed with. It was Hawkins that helped Carr defeat Brian Pillman Jr, when Pillman Jr was a few seconds away from arguably winning the match. As Hawkins grabbed Pillman's leg to keep him in place, Carr connected on a superkick that landed right across Pillman's jaw.

“Mr. Good Luck” Samuel Adams spent the last part of PPW Juiced celebrating in the stands with his fans as he had won an opportunity at the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Adams, hoping for a victory and his second title reign had the opportunity to finally make it happen. He had been proving it for months with victories over Petey Williams, Nunzio, James Ellsworth and more, Adams knew title opportunities aren't just handed out in Hazleton.

It was Hawkins that again inserted himself in the PPW Heavyweight Champions match. Towards the end of the match, Hawkins tried to grab Sam Adams off the top rope but Adams would end up kicking Hawkins off the ring, and then immediately dove off the top rope to the outside where he came crashing down onto the champion's bodyguard. The move bought Carr enough time to regain composure and catch Adams' second attempt off the top rope with a superkick on landing. He'd quickly pin Adams to score another title defense via the help of Lamar Hawkins.

Before Hawkins, Carr seemed very tough to defeat but with Hawkins it almost seems like an impossibility. Evander James had earned the spot for next month to try and take the PPW Heavyweight Championship again. April will be a tough test for both men.

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