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Header Looks for Statement Win Over Mantequilla

By: Mitchell Frantz

Andy Header and Mantequilla have been a fixture at PPW events for a long while now, but the two have yet to cross paths up to this point in their careers. Mantequilla has routinely been a fixture in the No Limits Championship scene, while Header has always been more concerned with helping out his Undeniable stablemates.

With most of Undeniable tied up in the PPW Tag Team Rumble, Header is free to try and pick up a victory over a fan favorite in Hazleton, Mantequilla.

"The Lucha Hero" is fresh off a victory over The Whisper, and will use that momentum he is building for himself to try and take out Header. Another key victory for the man who loves butter could skyrocket him up the card and possibly into championship contention.

For Header, who recently suffered a setback against Gillberg, this match is all about trying to prove that he is way more than a tag team specialist. Header had proven so in various other promotions, but needs a signature singles win in PPW to hang his hat on.

Will Mantequilla continue to roll with the momentum he is building for himself? Or will Ryan Race's man pick up an important victory?

Find out on Saturday at 7 PM as PPW presents Destiny! Tickets are available now at! The meet and greets for TJP, Summer Rae, and Mercedes Martinez begins at 5.

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