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HV Recap: Clutch Adams Sneaks Away With His Title

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Tom Mitchell caught up with the PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams before his big match with the No. 1 contender Facade. Let’s just say it was an interesting confrontation. We saw Clutch talking to his championship and promising the gold that it wasn’t going anywhere, and Clutch was not too happy to see Tom Mitchell.

When asked about how he would defend his title against Facade, he said “I’m sure they would all like to know that wouldn’t they? I’m sure Facade would like to know that too, that way he can have the upper hand, well guess what? You don’t become a champion like me when you give away your strategies do you?” As we have come to expect, the champ is confident and ready to roll for tonight’s match.

When “The Neon Ninja” Facade came out to the ring, he brought out a sign with him that said “New PPW Champ” and we will see if that indeed comes true. Clutch Adams then made his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from PPW nation. The champ started off the match by attacking “The Neon Ninja” before the bell even rang and putting the boots to him in the corner.

He went for a chop in the corner, but Facade reversed and laid a chop of his own to give him some momentum. “The Neon Ninja” continued to hold the edge over the next few minutes, not allowing the champ to get any offense in. Facade eventually hit a huge dropkick after walking the middle rope and forced Clutch out of the ring.

Naturally, Facade wanted to take to the air and hit the champ when he was on the outside but Clutch grabbed Facade’s manager Dani Mo and put her in front of him. This forced Facade to hesitate for a split second and allowed Clutch to grab him off the ropes and drive his face into the apron. The champ then took the match back over and held the advantage back inside the ring.

A body slam allowed Clutch to go for the pin, but to no avail. Clutch did a great job of keeping the highflyer grounded in this one. He hit a german suplex for another close call, but Facade kicked out. “The Neon Ninja” grounded Clutch with a springboard enzuigiri after the champ tried to throw him into the ropes. This grounded both men, but Facade sprung up to his feet first. The commentators were talking all match long about how everyone wanted to see Facade walk away with the title.

“The Neon Ninja” began to take over again, hitting the champ with an offensive flurry that ended with a spinning heel kick. This forced Clutch out of the ring, where once again Facade wanted to take to the skies, but the champ got back in the ring just before he was able to do so. As “The Neon Ninja” still was on the apron, he was able to hit Clutch with a huge springboard cutter that garnered a very close two count.

When Facade made his way back to the top rope, once again Clutch had an answer, knowing he couldn’t let “The Neon Ninja” get comfortable. He pulled the ref in front of him, which caused a brief hesitation from Facade to allow Clutch to toss him off the top rope. An elbow drop followed for Clutch which caused everyone to think it was over, but “The Neon Ninja” got his shoulder up again on the pin attempt. A frustrated Adams went outside to get a chair from under the ring as Dani Mo tried to stop him, and he just pushed her away.

Facade then kicked the chair into his face and followed with a springboard front flip onto the champ on the outside to give him all the momentum. Back in the ring, “The Neon Ninja” hit a beautiful coast to coast dropkick to Clutch in the corner. This allowed Facade to get the 1,2,3 and have what we thought was a new champ, but Phil Bravado was quick to point out that “Carden missed it” talking about how Clutch got his foot on the rope.

Facade was introduced as the new PPW Heavyweight Champion, but another ref from the back came out to correct Jeff Carden about the foot on the rope, and Carden restarted the match. Clutch almost got an immediate rollup, but Facade got out and went for a rollup of his own to no avail. Just a few moments later, both men found themselves on the mat after they simultaneously hit a clothesline off the ropes.

Desean Pratt then made a surprise appearance, trying to cash in his Golden Ticket briefcase for a title shot at any time and any place. Facade got him out of the ring with a spinning heel kick, before Clutch took advantage of a distracted “Neon Ninja” and rolled him up for the 1,2,3 to retain his title. After the match Phil Bravado said, “the best skill that Clutch Adams has, is leaving this building with the title.” Chants of “you were robbed” filled the arena as Facade made his way to the back.

Well folks, whether you like it or not, Clutch Adams is still your champ. We will see what Facade has in store to get back at Clutch in the coming weeks here on PPW High Voltage.


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