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By PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James

A lot of fans have asked me, "who is Evander James?"

I’m just the most honest man in professional wrestling.

For those who don’t know, I JUST KEEP IT REAL and YOU can trust that!! Some have even asked me how I managed to climb the mountain of PPW and capture the PPW heavyweight championship. Well I can honestly say it wasn't easy. I came in to PPW as a young kid looking for an an opportunity, they gave me a pre show match, and I made the most of it. The promoters wanted me back after my performance.

Little by little they began testing me with more matches, I’ve won a few and lost a lot. I kept proving each and every show that I was someone they could “trust” to hang with who ever they sent my way. That’s when I felt I was close to the mountain top. I began squaring off with top guys, legends, and former WWE superstars such as LSG, Jack Swagger, James Storm, and Teddy Hart, just to name a few.

Fast forward to a few months later, I was holding the PPW Golden Ticket Briefcase ( the holder can cash in for the PPW Heavyweight Championship when ever the holder of briefcase chooses).

I felt I was so close to the top.

At the PPW Anniversary show, I cashed in on Sean Carr and became the new PPW Champion. I did it! I felt like I was king of the mountain. Then....I had to defend my belt the same night against Bully Ray (yeah, THAT BULLY RAY) in a “no disqualification, no holds barred, street fight.” I lost that night going through a table.

I fell off the mountain top HARD. I had to start all over again - at the bottom. After holding that championship title I would do what ever it took to become champion again. The fans began getting behind me because they saw how real my determination was. I couldn’t give up, or I would be lying to myself.

After months of scratching and clawing I finally regained the PPW Heavyweight Championship, but I was just getting started. My biggest challenge was defending my championship title against former WWE superstar Sean Maluta and former WWE Cruiserweight champion TJ Perkins.

I went in to this match like if though it was my last. I gave them everything I had, fought with every last breath. TJP managed to injure my leg keeping me grounded, but I was able to over come the odds and retain my championship title. AT PPW’s “HEAT BLAST” I’m taking on a familiar foe, The “Neon Ninja” Facade. I expect nothing less from him. I’m ready to lay everything on the line to retain my championship bet. You can TRUST THAT.

Instagram: evanderjamess Twitter: evanderjamess


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