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Jason King Gets Another Crack at PPW TV Championship

By: Mitchell Frantz

The issues between Ryan Race’s Undeniable and Jason King have been stated numerous times.

The two have been at each other’s throats ever since Jason King entered PPW, and it usually has ended with King on the wrong end of a number’s game. Despite the numbers never really being in the favor of “The Devil’s Favorite Reject”, he still has been able to defeat most of the group.

He has already beaten Clutch Adams and Andy Header in singles action. He *technically* has a win over Pat Sawyer in a tag team match (albeit via disqualification). The one person who he could never get past, however, is PPW Television Champion John Wes.

“The Iron Outlaw” has already defeated King at Slay Bells Ringing in December, but the tension between the two has reached a near-boiling point in recent months. At Throwdown on 5th Street, Jason King was low blowed by now ex-manager Penny Lane, as the model manager shocked everybody and aligned herself with the most hated faction in Hazleton. Feeling a need to get back at the group, King turned his anger to PPW Television Champion John Wes, brawling with “The Iron Outlaw” into the backstage area during his match and costing Wes an opportunity at becoming both the PPW Television Champion and No Limits Champion.

With both men furious for different reasons, King with the group in general and Wes with “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” in particular, they have each other to turn to and take out their frustrations on. With Wes being the Television Champion, Jason King will love to deprive Ryan Race’s group of the gold.

Not having Penny Lane at ringside is a huge disadvantage to King, as he has relied heavily on her in order to help him overcome the number’s advantage that Undeniable employs. In fact, Penny Lane will most likely be standing in the current champion’s corner.

Will Jason King be able to overcome the overwhelming advantage that Undeniable has? Will Penny Lane cost “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” a match for the second consecutive month? Will King be able to wrestle the championship from Wes and Undeniable at the biggest show of the year?

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