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Mason, Gory Looking to Impress in Honesdale this weekend

The scene looks a bit different for “The Billionaire Playboy” Charles Mason as he comes into Honesdale for PPW Fight Night this weekend. Mason had thought he put the work in, thought he had the strategy on-point and sealed up well enough to be competing for the Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling Heavyweight Championship this weekend. All of that thought came crashing down hard last weekend as Teddy Hart defeated both Mason and Breaux Keller in the PPW Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders match.

Charles Mason ran into a force that is slowly building itself up pretty much in Teddy Hart and someone that everyone in PPW says is worth looking out for in 2020 in Breaux Keller. But that doesn't take away from the fact that Charles Mason is a former PPW Television Champion who recently lost the title but has went on to have several matches that have impressed PPW management. Most noteably is a loss to KC Navarro where Mason came within' a few inches of defeating Navarro, and still in a defeat, impressed PPW management enough to put him in as the third member of that triple-threat last weekend.

Mason will look to score a huge win over a new face in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling in Jason Gory. Gory has a resume a mile long and in the many promotions he has worked in one thing seems to be constant – his habit of collecting their championship. Gory has climbed the top of the ladder in many promotions but in Honesdale he looks to create a strong impression on PPW management. A victory over Mason would put him right in the mix with PPW but a strong showing could also help him get invited to Hazleton and another way into a match to try and collect another title from another promotion he has worked in.

This match will be a good test for both men and for the winner, a solid resume builder and win when they need one the most. One man looking to rebound, the other looking to impress. It all takes place this weekend in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

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