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Pinheart, Steele Look to Make Impression

By: Nick Uliana

Competitors from far and wide have traveled and trained to compete in PPW, and that does not stop in the women's divsion. The best competitors are the ones that want to fight anywhere and against anyone.

Adena Steele and Edina Pinheart are two examples of this excellent competition, and competition that will be sure put the women's divison on notice. They will bring unparalleled intensity and distinct aura to the women's division.

Adena Steeele has competed in the PPW ring once before, debuting at Super Show II. With the debut, Steele understands the PPW enviroment and the PPW Nation, unlike her opponent at Aftermath.

Edna Pinheart is a young and up-and-coming competitor in the professional wrestling industry, and is looking to make a name for herself in a PPW ring.

On the other hand, Ms. Pinheart is someone that you should not get near and avoid with caution. She has employeed many different tactics, such as the Voodoo powerbomb.

Get your tickets at to watch these two compete at Aftermath!


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