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PPW High Voltage Report

By Scott Fineout

PPW High Voltage was brand new last night as it featured a PPW Championship match, a women's grudge match that was very one-sided, and Drew Adams taking another lesson the hard way.

For Christina Marie, her and Adena Steele have a short history - but it's a rough one. Steele, the loser in her debut match against Edna Pinheart a few months back, was then attacked by Christina Marie who's recent attitude adjustment has saw her temper at an all-time high and her patience at an all-time low. Marie dismantled Steele en route to a successful win. After the match, Marie took it upon herself to put Steele into a camel clutch after the match, an action that saw PPW Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez rush to the ring and get into a verbal confrontation with the former PPW Women's Champion, Christina Marie.

Elsewhere, Undeniable came to the ring led by Ryan Race and flanked by both Isaak Ruhl and the Undeniable Insurance Policy, Lamar Hawkins. After Race was done addressing the PPW crowd in Hazleton, Drew Adams attacked Ruhl from behind in a way of getting a fighting chance against the massive big man. Ruhl laughed it off on his way to teaching Adams a lesson the hard way. Adams was left in the ring until friend Antonio Rivera came down and hit Ruhl with a chair, an action that provided a distraction for Ruhl and allowed Race to control his newest client. Either way, Adams was laid out in the middle of the ring for his actions.

Elsewhere, Evander James defeating TJ Perkins and Sean Maluta to retain his PPW Heavyweight Championship. James had been out for the respect of Perkins and Maluta who rumor had it, Maluta was caught by Perkins trying on the PPW Heavyweight Championship after they caught Evander James' bag unattended. Both men were arguing over who would beat James, leaving him as an after thought. James was out to win the respect of both Maluta and Perkins - and did, with a big victory.

Always make sure to catch PPW High Voltage every Sunday night at 8PM on the PPW Facebook page, PPW Youtube page and as always on WYLN-Hazleton.


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